LAMATA offer good public transport services to commuters on the all-important BRT corridor

Lagos State orders 1st BRT cooperative out of Mile 12- CMS BRT corridor

The Lagos State Government has directed the relocation of the operations of the 1st BRT Cooperative run by the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW, Lagos State Council) from the Mile 12 to CMS Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor with immediate effect.
The termination of the franchise agreement with the operator is sequel to breaches of the BRT operations Service Level Agreement (SLA) it signed with the State government despite years of discussions and engagement to ensure the SLA was adhered to.
Though the Service Level Agreement requires a one-month notice prior to its termination, but the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, LAMATA, custodian of the agreement, had indeed given a three-month notice which the operator failed to honour.
Government’s decision, which was communicated to the operator yesterday, was premised on the inability of the operator to offer good public transport services to commuters on the all-important BRT corridor.
This has led to incessant complaints by members of the public over poor services provided by the operator and the deployment of vehicles not safe for use by the commuting public.
At a meeting with the NURTW leadership in the State, Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Dayo Mobereola said the Lagos State Government’s decision to terminate the existing franchise agreement was based on non-compliance of the 1st BRT cooperative with operational plans as stipulated in the franchise agreement signed.
He noted that the State Government also frowned at the non-operations of stipulated frequency schedules and operations of buses at below 50 per cent fleet capacity contrary to the agreement.
“The failure of 1st BRT Cooperative to comply with the terms of the franchise agreement has led to passengers experiencing poor service quality typified by extensive waiting time and having to endure use of dilapidated and unsafe buses”, the Commissioner said.
Dr. Mobereola stated that these breaches, which the operator had indulged in and failed to remedy despite being notified of them, had made the State Government to decide to order the operator out of the corridor in the interest of the commuting public.
Consequently, Dr. Mobereola said following government’s desire to sanitise bus operations along the Mile 12 to CMS corridor, it had on 29th September 2015 served it with a notice of termination of the franchise agreement. The operator pleaded for time to be able to identify other corridor and remove all its buses from the depot, a commitment it failed to uphold.
The notice of termination of franchise agreement was followed by series of meetings where government maintained its position of the need for the 1st BRT Cooperative to vacate the corridor.

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